Listen to Wastee's Bubbly and Hyperactive New Track "Cola"

It's the title track on a forthcoming EP for Dublin-via-Sweden imprint Lyxliv.
April 11, 2017, 7:11pm
Photo by Aaron Duffy.

Dublin producer Wastee today shared "Cola," a highly carbonated new track on local imprint Lyxliv, a word that translates from Swedish to mean "luxurious living." The stylistically amorphous club tune is carried by filigreed vocals and melodic funk hyperactivity, which come together to halfway suggest a kind of bliss. We only say halfway because the energy surge of "Cola" feels hollow, like a sugar rush about to extinguish, which makes it that much more habit-forming.


The producer told THUMP about how his work here fits into his oeuvre as a whole over email. "'Cola,' and the Wastee project overall mark new territory for me," he said. "Generally, I release as Wastefellow, which is a more personal, introspective project, with my own vocals on the majority of tracks. Wastee totally rejects ideas of emotional depth and personal narrative, instead embracing a culture which constantly searches for instant gratification."

"'Cola' is a hyperactive mix of grime, footwork, and early 00s R&B production. When you're an outsider interpreting these styles, things naturally get lost and distorted by your own perspective, until the final track ends up sounding like text that's gone through Google Translate too many times. This is one of the most exciting things about contemporary club music for me, its styles and sounds are made ever-shifting by re-interpretation. 'Cola' is an exploration of this mercurial form."

The Cola EP will be released on April 13.

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