Beta Frontiers Takes Living Room Electro-Pop to New Heights on "Still Love"

Hear the Toronto producer's collaboration with Vancouver's HUMANS from his upcoming Buzz Records EP.
April 19, 2017, 4:16pm
Kevin Jones

While he started Beta Frontiers in his living room as a DIY electronic project, for his latest EP, Toronto producer Michael Butler wanted to experiment with more traditional pop forms.

Out May 5 on Buzz RecordsHeights explores 4/4 rhythms and prioritizes vocals, featuring guest appearances by the likes of DIANA's Carmen Elle and Twist's Laura Hermiston. Today we're premiering the second single, "Still Love," a collaborative effort with Vancouver-based electro-pop duo HUMANS that's been nearly two years in the making.


"The demo that I initially sent the HUMANS guys, Robbie [Slade] and Peter [Ricq], was based just around the drums and live bass," the producer tells THUMP over email. "The rest was built around the narrative of the lyrics, uplifting, but with a hint of sadness. You're being rejected, but you're still in love."

Between the rich 808s driving the the hook, Slade's vocals, and the funk-tinged guitar lick that introduces the melody in the opening bars, "Still Love" is hopelessly catchy from start to finish.

Check out the track below and pre-order Heights here.

Heights Tracklist: 1. Rangor
2. Still Love (feat. HUMANS)
3. Stars Align (feat. Laura Hermiston)
4. If I Stayed (feat. Carmen Elle)
5. Fantasy

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