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“PeopleIRollOn” Gives Celebrities the Best Weed Beards on Instagram

The account is a joke, but it’s an entertaining one.
Photos courtesy of PeopleIRollOn

An Instagram themed around making marijuana beards on magazine portraits started as a joke while getting high. Michy*, one of the two Vancouver natives behind the budding page PeopleIRollOn, took the cover of Maxim's July 2015 issue and began taking pictures of Taylor Swift's face with a mustache she made of weed.

"I always like a nice, flat, smooth surface to roll (joints) on, so I just kind of started playing around with it and it happened organically," says Michy. The joke turned into a multi-year string of photos posted on Instagram with her partner JK*. She says, "I looked and no one was even doing it, but it seemed like such a thing to do."


As a prop master for films, Michy had boxes of magazines laying around her garage to use for the photos. She says the couple's favorite cover to roll on is Rolling Stone because "they always have really good faces on the cover," though their Instagram page features a wide range of magazines from Wired to Newsweek.

There's specific rules to PeopleIRollOn's marijuana-infused project: The first and most obvious is that the subject being rolled on must be a recognizable celebrity. The page features images of famous political figures such as Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth II to celebrities like Lebron James and the late Carrie Fisher. The second is that the pair only roll on celebrities they like as people.

"My joke when we started it was that I wanted 'People I Roll On' to be synonymous with 'People that I'm into' or 'People that I dig.' I wanted to make it a catchphrase (in the general public), but we'll see if that happens," Michy says. "So there's no Trump or Kardashians or other people we think are jokers."

The pair's favorite photo they've taken was an image of Adele from the November 2015 issue of Rolling Stone. "I did a really sick-ass sideburn going into the mustache," Michy laughs, adding that another favorite is a recent image of Bill Nye the Science Guy they found on the cover of Skeptic Magazine, which features a bushy green beard on the eyebrow-raised scientist.

But jokes aside, Michy says they hope PeopleIRollOn helps contribute to the growing community of weed art that helps normalize marijuana as it becomes increasingly legalized around the world.


"(Weed) is still going to have the same stigmas," Michy says. "I personally believe that marijuana is a medicinal product and can really help people. I don't particularly like that there's a stigma around it, but I can see that going away."

For now, though, PeopleIRollOn and other weed art projects like it help promote positivity within the culture — whether it's advocating for regulations or pushing humor. And the more the merrier, according to Michy and JK.

"Anybody who comments on our stuff, we say, 'Who do you roll on?' We really want to promote that it's not just us," Michy says. "We want to see other people use the art form and make some funny stuff with it." *Names have been changed.

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