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M.I. Blue's "Silver Kettles" Video Is a Reminder to Never Compromise

The Toronto singer entrances with the self-directed visual.
Brianna Roye

M.I. Blue is representative of Toronto's local scene in that she's a proudly multi-disciplinary artist, as comfortable making atmospheric movies as she is crafting lush, downtempo soul. Her new video for "Silver Kettles" demonstrates both of these gifts in abundance, as clips of Eartha Kitt talking about self-love transition into abstract, dreamlike images of the titular object. The song's gauzy, laid-back keys and Blue's hypnotic mantra of a chorus don't hurt the mood, either.


"The video was an extension of my experiments in filmmaking but was the first time I used myself as the focus," M.I. Blue told Noisey over email. "Sydnè Barnes and I worked around the vibe of the song to create trance-like visuals for the main theme of the song, which is to never compromise your soul" Watch the "Silver Kettles" video below and expect more film projects–as well as a full-length LP–from M.I. Blue later this year.

Catch M.I. Blue at 88 Days of Fortune's Cosmic Soul event this Saturday. Details here.

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