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Solved Mysteries Are Way Better than Unsolved Ones

Our new podcast explores the world's greatest mysteries that were solved by science.

I love mysteries.

I grew up on shows like The X-Files and Unsolved Mysteries. I checked out books on UFOs and Bigfoot from the library. I was fascinated by all of the wondrous, unexplainable things in the universe. And I still am. Only now, as an adult, a science journalist, and a skeptic, I'm much more interested in the explanations behind these mysterious phenomena.

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That's why I created Science Solved It, a new weekly podcast from Motherboard. Each episode, I explore one of the world's greatest mysteries that was solved by science. I talk to the actual, real live scientists who cracked the case, while also indulging in some of the bizarre conspiracy theories that accompany these mysteries. Throughout the season, you'll hear about unexplained, underwater noises, floating lights, moving rocks, and even a cartoon that gave people seizures.

The fact that these mysteries are solved doesn't ruin them for me—in fact, it makes them even better. The universe is strange and complex and mind-blowing, which means the truth behind these mysteries is even more tantalizing than any alien conspiracy theory we could dream up.

If you're curious, skeptical, but still believe in the magic of the world around us, I have a feeling you'll like this show. Science Solved It debuts Tuesday, April 25.Click here to subscribe now so you don't miss an episode!

We're also hosting a live podcast launch party with Taste of Science on Monday, April 24 in Brooklyn. Click here for details and tickets.

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