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This Cybernetic Device Turns Brainwaves into Telepathic Art

::vtol:: is back with his latest human-computer interface.
August 25, 2016, 2:50pm
Images courtesy the artist

All's been quiet on the ::vtol:: front—and that’s precisely the moment that the Moscow-based hacker artist (a.k.a., Dmitry Morozov) is most prone to strike with a new multimedia objects. In his latest work, 2ch, Morozov creates an interactive instrument that allows two people to communicate via brain activity.

“The project is an instrument for communication between two people by means of visualising the electroencephalograms of two members, which are translated into sound, mechanical motion, and video images,” Morozov explains. “Two participants should try to synchronize their minds, guided by the pitch of the tone, visualization, and movements of mechanical parts.”

To create 2ch, Morozov started with two NeuroSky EEG interfaces, wearable biosensors for the brain. He then combined these interfaces with two servo motors with a hall sensor and magnet and a video system. Morozov then linked this hardware to Pure Data and Max/MSP software with an Arduino board.

Commissioned for the Sirius Educational Center in Sochi, the pyramid-shaped 2ch is suspended from the ceiling, hovering over a table. On either side of the piece are NeuroSky headsets, which viewers place on their heads, allowing them to interact with and influence the movements, visuals and sound of the artwork. See it in action below:

::vtol:: 2ch from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

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