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Destroy 3D Treasure With This Arcade-Style Installation

Shane Mecklenburger's work is part of Bitform Gallery's upcoming exhibition, "PostPictures"
December 13, 2013, 7:54pm
Images via Bitform Gallery

Artist, Shane Mecklenburger, flips the familar tropes found in first person shooters like Halo and Battefield with his installation, Fortress Of Solitude. Available to "play" at Bitform Gallery's show, entitled PostPictures, on December 19th, this specific artwork allows players to create or destroy digital-rendered treasure, including an arcade-ready gun.

According to Bitforms, the diamonds represent "a motif that represents value that is generated by controlled scarcity, the treasure expands and collapses at the player's own volition."

What a fun way to mess with abstract conceptions of the value of objects, right?

The collection at Bitform strives to re-imagine Douglas Crimp's famous Pictures exhibition, including seven artists that implement new media to push image construction forward.

From Bitform's press release on the opening:

"Just as the Pictures generation artists were responding to newspapers, magazines and television, a now-emergent group of artists are native to the realm of mobile devices and computers. The work created by artists with this mindset engages the representation of online and gaming environments, as well as previous forms of mass media."

Along with Mecklenburger's work, artistsKatie Torn, Claudia Hart, and Rollin Leonard (also featured in this week's Best of The Rest) will be showing. Leonard, in particular, already has us drooling with curiosity over his piece titled Bellies On Donut Shaped Universe. Check out an image of Bellies below, and go to Bitforms on the 19th: