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For Cyclists, SmartHalo Is the Best Invention Since the Wheel

Quebec-based company, Cyclelabs, invent the GPS-assisted lamp alarm your Bianchi always wanted.
Images: Cyclelabs

Montreal is one of '20 most livable cities' for cyclists, according to the very-serious Copenhagenize Index (and Wired Magazine). And since this study even factors in weather criteria, it's fair to say that during the few months where we can go out without nose rags, rags, feeling the Lachine Plateau wind in your hair should be really fun.

How to best take advantage of this becomes competetive for Montreal cyclists. The latest find to set you apart from the pack? SmartHalo, a connected-object by Cyclelabs which sits on your handlebars and serves as GPS, fitness assistant, lamp, and even an alarm. Synced to your smartphone via Bluetooth, SmartHalo lights up when you start riding and quickly becomes more than just an intuitive lighting system.


Currently still in its prototype phase, SmartHalo is seeking Kickstarter funds to become all it promises to be. If all goes well, it will be shipped in May, just after the cold fronts. Check it out in the video and pictures below:

Click here to visit the official Kickstarter for SmartHalo.

A version of this article originally appeared on The Creators Project France.


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