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Pooch Portraits Capture the Daily Delights of Dog Ownership

Celebrate #NationalDogDay with Ollie Grove and Will Robson-Scott's series of photogenic canines and their devoted owners.

Photographers, filmmakers, dog lovers, and childhood friends Ollie Grove and Will Robson-Scott have collaborated to bring us the ultimate ode to man’s best friend, In Dogs We Trust. The 124-page photobook features people—from Game of Thrones stars to neighbors you barely know—alongside their furry friends, in portraits that reveal the special relationships between dogs and their owners. In compiling the collection, Grove and Robson-Scott shot dog owners from both sides of the Atlantic, touching down in Hackney, Hampstead, Venice Beach, Brooklyn and Queens. The two sought to capture more than just the one-sided human obsession with dogs, and focus instead on the binary nature of the human-to-pooch rapport.


Inspired by early American family portraits of dogs and their owners dating back to the late 19th century, Grove says, “It seemed only right to make another such collection 100 years on.” As for us, it only seemed right to showcase Grove and Robson-Scott's fantastic photos on #NationalDogDay.  So without further ado, celebrate the holiday with a whole lot of well-framed puppy-love below:

You can purchase In Dogs We Trust from Victory Editions here. Be sure to check out more work by Will Robson-Scott and Ollie Grove on their respective sites.


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