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Don an Augmented Reality Outfit at the Ace Hotel

'Blastosphere: Digital Art Becomes 3D Fashion' opens today with three new NewHive commissions from Alexandra Gorczynski, Miles Peyton, and Tara Sinn.
Alexandra Gorczynski's design for Blastosphere. All images courtesy the artists and NewHive

Starting today, The Gallery at Ace Hotel New York hosts Blastosphere: Digital Art Becomes 3D Fashion, a month-long show that marries fashion with cutting-edge digital art. First showcased through the DIY art self-publishing platform NewHive, Alexandra Gorczynski, Miles Peyton, and Tara Sinn's commissioned works bridge IRL and URL by being rendered onto fabrics that have been encoded with REIFY's augmented reality technology.


“This was a unique opportunity to showcase the artworks offline in a way that held true to the original composition. I named the exhibition Blastosphere because this process made us think about the incredible mutability of digital art,” Lindsay Howard, curator and director of the online commissioning program at NewHive, tells The Creators Project. "Once you create a digital file, it can be a work in itself or a starting point for any number of creative iterations,” she adds.

While traditional notions of fashion exist at the core of each artist's creative processes already, this project offers viewers the chance to discover a series of Print All Over Me-produced, internet art-housing wearables that conceptually reduce—or at least create the illusion of reducing—the distance between reality and virtuality.

Merging different approaches and aesthetics, Blastosphere showcases stunning artworks-to-wear, each an amalgam of printed patterns: Gorczynski's oscillate between art historical, organic and digital, Peyton crafts a participative hive body, and Sinn's is an RGB-powered landscape filled with beach ball gradients.

Underlying the show's main theme and augmented-reality related acrobatics, Blastosphere demonstrates the features and specificities possible with NewHive's well-curated roster. “I chose these particular artists and works because they represent some of the best uses of the NewHive platform, and take advantage of all of its multimedia capabilities,” Howard explains. “Alexandra Gorczynski and Tara Sinn both have strong visual aesthetics that translated perfectly to the garments, and Miles Peyton's work was able to come full circle conceptually—with the parts he'd accumulated online returning to the human form,” she concludes.


The three garments are available for purchase online here, here, and here. Meanwhile, you can stop by the Ace Hotel New York tonight to try them on at the Blastosphere opening, and at the New Museum Store on Sunday, September 13.


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