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Easter Eggs Are Design Canvases for These Zoetrope Animations

Let’s focus on what Easter’s really about: eggs.
March 27, 2016, 12:00pm
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All holidays are increasingly disappointing as you get older, but few have as precipitous a fall-off in excitement as Easter. It goes from a festive day of games, chocolates, and bunnies, to a holiday about the zombie-ish resurrection of a murder victim that’s on a goddamn Sunday so that you don’t even get an extra day off work. So if you need to inject a little joy into your Easter, check out the video below. Jiri Zemanek of Czech Technical University turned eggs into festive little zoetropes by inscribing them with patterns and rotating them, creating an animated effect. The Easter Bunny may not be real, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the spirit of this now only marginally religious Hershey’s-sponsored holiday.


Via This Is Colossal.


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