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The 'Balloon Chair' Will Elevate Your Home Decor Game

Japanese design studio h220430 takes furniture design to soaring new heights.
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Taking a page from Larry Walters' schematics notebook, Japanese design studio h220430 takes an uplifting approach to their newest seating design, Balloon Chair. Seemingly suspended in midair, the wall-mounted seat isn't actually held up by the balloons of its namesake, but that doesn't stop us from imagining we're in the classic French short film of yore.

Their artists' statement reads as follows:

We want to design not just primary shape of the things but secondary communication deriving from the messages in the things. We hope our works will produce communication and provide an opportunity for people to rethink and act against many difficult problems such as deterioration of the global environment and continuous conflicts all over the world.


h220430, who get their name from the date of the studio's inception on April 30th, Heisei 22 (Heisei being the name of the current era in Japan), are no strangers to furniture designs that eschew functionality for form. Looking more like surrealist sculptures than working products (which they absolutely are), these things are so far outside the box, we wonder if shipped orders even arrive in one.

Below, a pictographic overview of some of the studio's most creative designs:

Ivy Chair

Mushroom Lamp

Unusual Chair

Crutch Table

Silhouette Chair

Sun Rising Lamp

Grandmother's Chair

Balloon Lamp

Like what you see? For more images of these wild furnishings, visit h220430's website, and check out the h220430 shop on Somewhere Tokyo to inquire about buying 'em.

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