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Geometric Tiles Create Optical Illusion Flooring

Core Deco's trippy tri-tone tiles (whoa, alliteration) will keep your apartment looking fresh.
April 3, 2014, 5:45pm

The floor in my apartment is covered in cat hair, cigarette ash, and sticky beer spills. It's highly noticeable and very foul. Thus, when I saw these tri-tone geometric tiles by Matt W. Moore of Core Deco, an artisinal furniture design group, I imagined an apartment where my roommates and I could keep throwing parties and simultaneously maintain sophisticated-looking floors (it's all about the mirage!).


The tiles' asymmetry allows for infinite reconfigurations, so for the ever-ansy amateur decorater, these are a panacea for qualms about stale interior design. Core Deco also created optical illusion tables, Rorschach Test-inspired blankets, and other trippy furniture that will spice up your living space. Take a look at some images of the awesome designs below. As for my apartment, step one is to buy a vacuum.