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Gorgeous Sculptures Float in Digital Space

Jon Noorlander’s latest sculpture series only exists in two dimensions.
February 13, 2016, 2:30pm

A central point of contention surrounding post-internet art is whether post-internet artists are thinking about anything other than how their works will look online. Katja Novitskiva’s sculptures, flat but printed with hyper realistic images on one side, are indistinguishable from an amateur Photoshop collage when photographed. Or there are Artie Vierkant’s Image Objects, which exist somewhere between the internet and physical space.


These works raise the question of whether or not post-internet sculpture needs a physical form at all. Sculptures Pt. 1, the newest series by the Sweden-born, New York-based creative director Jon Noorlander, says no.

“I created these sculptures by feeding nature photography into a setup I created, which procedurally built them up using information, like color and brightness, from each photo. Each shape is built up by more than 2 million particles,” Noorlander tells The Creators Project.

The results of that process are gorgeous organic forms that float in digital space. They take on the shapes of flowing fabrics, liquids, and gases all at the same time. As the description on the artist’s website reads, they are “a series of sculpture ready for print.” Are they post-internet? Or just plain Internet?

To learn more about Jon Noorlander’s work, click here.


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