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'Sparks' Fly in This Stunning Ballet Dance Film

A new dance film fuses new styles of sound and video production with classical ballet performance and presentation.
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Geometric and free flowing lines blend with a contemporary electronic and classical score in "Sparks," the latest music video/dance film from Berlin-based filmmaker Boris Seewald. This is Seewald’s second collaboration with German composer and producer Ralf Hildenbeutel. The two had worked previously worked on a video for another one of Hildenbeutel’s original compositions, "The Feast," and now collaborate once again in this rhythmic illustration of Hildenbeutel’s new single, off his upcoming album, Moods, set to release November 6th.


Translucent lines and geometric shapes measure and outline the dancer’s bodies, following and predicting their physical movements like a live graphic blueprint drawing of the choreography. Soft melodic string sections are interrupted by grubby mechanical electronic bass production. In perfect synchrony, the dancers wax and wane with the composition, augmenting the juxtaposition of old and new forms of music and movement. The performative spectacle effectively pushes and pulls you in a glitchy yet seamless progression. This aesthetic audio visual juxtaposition then materializes in the form of two dancers, one in black the other in white. As the two perform a synchronized mirror image dance, the result is a yin-yang tango.

Watch "Sparks" fly below:

Images courtesy the filmmaker

RALF HILDENBEUTEL - SPARK from Boris Seewald on Vimeo.

See more from Boris Seewald here, and check out Ralf Hildenbeutel on SoundCloud.


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