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Night Surfing Looks Even Better with Light-Up Waves

Never sleeping again.
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The surf technology innovators at Wavegarden, the team that recently brought surfing to landlocked Austin, Texas, have raised the stakes once again: custom-lit indoor night surfing. The result is akin to LED-covered surfboards, but with the twist of a controlled setting. “I’ve surfed at night before but this is something completely different,” French surf maven Vincent Duvignac told Wavegarden. "When you surf now seems irrelevant: Natxo [Gonzalez] and I surfed until 2 AM and could have kept going except we became completely surfed out."


The underwater lights are placed strategically in the pool to illuminate the waves in such a way that surfers can see the wave approaching and gain a better sense of the wave’s texture and scale. Not to mention, the lights make the space look like an underwater fairytale.

Watch Wavegarden’s facility come to life in the video below:

2015 Video Test Series - Nº1 Night Surfing at Wavegarden






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