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Go To Heaven and Hell At This Dutch Weed Club

The highs and lows of getting high.
Photos by Kasia Gatkowska. Courtesy of Workshop of Wonders

This high concept cannabis café looks more like a design museum than a weed haven, with modular white angles and steel and glass accents. The Hi/Lo Club in Utrecht, Netherlands was created to depict the various states of getting stoned. We are hoping the US catches up to the design savvy Dutch when it comes to smoke culture/couture.

The design studio behind the café, Workshop of Wonders, explains that their vision was to develop a contemporary high-end hospitality space where “one smokes weed and hash in a context of security and comfort using elements that make reference to an Arabic atmosphere.” They decided to depict that environment by splitting the two-story club into the themes of heaven and hell.


They say, “For ‘Heaven’ we were inspired by the idea of floating in a cloudscape, airy, light and high,” and have dressed the space with Italian and Danish furniture, while ‘Hell’ was inspired by the opium dens of the east: “those dark rooms where one stays for days under the influence of that mystic substance.” The bottom floor has a relaxed North African vibe of leather pouf ottomans and bed-like couches.

The design studio made considerations for all of the activities within the space, using materials that are resistant to “the many hot butts and roaches," and played with visitors' altered states by designing a whimsical bathroom experience with dark narrow passages, illuminated sinks, and Kisses urinals designed by Meike van Schijndel. The café's name itself was developed by the branding agency Dietwee who was responsible for the graphic identity of the high-end smoke club.

All spliffs aside, Hi/Lo CLub is a concept cafe we can support, with a thoughtful design aethetic and an elevated consideration for an emerging lux clientele. Workshop of Wonders says, “We love being part of the experience that customers will have enjoying this environment in their various stages of getting high.”

To learn more about Workshop of Wonder click here. Visit Hi/Lo website here.


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