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Viral Style: Space Glasses, Future Wheels, And Niko From Grand Theft Auto IV Gets A High Fashion Makeover

The week in tech and fashion.


While video games may not be your first point of call for fashion tips (seriously. I mean, red top and bright blue dungarees? What was Mario thinking?), kudos to Complex for putting us onto this one--it's all your favorite gaming characters, re-imagined in some swagged-out new threads. Niko from Grand Theft Auto IV gets a makeover in DRKSHDW, Gordon Freeman from Half-Life in Givenchy and--our personal highlight--the Assassin's Creed guy in some slouchy layered streetwear.



With all the major fashion capitals currently gearing up for the Autumn/Winter 2014 shows next month, it's been slightly quiet on the new development front lately--luckily, Opening Ceremony have just dropped news of a sweet new collab to get us feeling psyched about style again. Teaming up with Adidas Originals, the two labels have created a baseball-inspired collection bursting with leather varsity jackets, colorful leather caps, and glove-stitched embellishment on everything. You won't have long to wait either; the collection hits OC stores in early February.

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, no doubt many of you are looking to get your bbz something really special (right?). Forget lame flowers, 2014 is all about getting up close and personal with a unique bra design by Japanese lingerie brand Ravijour. The twist? It only unhooks if the wearer is in love. Yep, underwear can actually sense that now. Able to detect the "instant boost in excitement" in heart rate caused by release of loved-up hormone catecholamine, the bra communicates with a linked-up smartphone app to verify the feeling and allows the bra to open (or not) accordingly. Just be careful where you wear it ladies; this thing could get embarrassing.


New year, new ride right? Okay well, a girl can dream… In China, a team of student designers has come up with a genius set of wheels that utilises a 'folding wheel' concept, allowing the driver to drive on both regular roads and high-speed magnetic tracks. On said maglev tracks, the car is able to slide into a horizontal position and drive automatically at high-speeds, flipping the wheels to 'float' through magnets creating lift and thrust with the vehicle. Designed for a contest commissioned by Michelin, the one-seater car is ideal for urban commuters, as it is build compact and flexible enough to manoeuvre big cities.


With so many smartwatches currently being released on the market, it's kind of understandable that some people might be wary about having yet another bit of tech to constantly distract them with sound, vibration and/or visual notifications. However, physical computing lecturer Aisen Caro Chacin has developed a much more relaxing alternative, taking the form of a Scent Rhythm watch that releases one of four different built-in perfumes every six hours. Each fragrance is geared to harmonise with periods waking up, activity, relaxing and sleeping respectively, released by piezoelectric atomisers when triggered by the watch hardware--you can even set your own scent cycle. The lack of interactivity features (or even screen) means if you're trying your best to cut down on your digital minutes, it's the perfect accessory.


Okay, so a few people have been raving about the fact that Google Glass has been adapted into more wearable prescription eyewear styles this week, but TBH we're kind of over it--bring on the shades! Enter Meta Pro, a tech-enabled 'Space Glasses' eyewear design that comes equipped with the capabilities of a whole Intel Core i5 computer, opening up an augmented reality display before the wearer's eyes that can be interacted with using the hands. The screen area is 15 times bigger than the one created by Glass, and with those Carl Zeiss aviator lenses to frame the technology you'll stay looking pretty cool to boot.