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Gaze into the Wobbly GIF Worlds of Julien Rivoire

From fluid physics to moving magnets, these GIFs will suspend you in a sea of surreality.

From an undulating sea of faces to an endlessly wiggling mirror hovering over pink train tracks, Julien Rivoire's GIF art maintains a healthy distance from reality. The founder of Bastard Graphics, a Lyon, France-based design studio that makes book covers, illustrations for comapnies and magazines, and animations, as well as new branding, design, and motion graphics studio, Department, Rivoire spends his spare time creating strange landscapes, morphing gradients, and animating examples of physical phenomena like magnetism in Maxon Cinema 4D and Photoshop. Replete with a handful of GIFs for various clients, his website includes an impressive group of cinemagraph-like loops which vary in scope, but not in the persistence of their constant wobbling. There aren't any overarching themes to his work, explains Rivoire to The Creators Project, "apart from the fact that I like working with reflective textures in 3D such as metal, silver or gold," but, simply put, he likes his work to be " to be odd and funny, having a surrealist feeling."


Explore the work of Julien Rivoire in the GIFs below:

Visit Julien Rivoire's portfolio for more of his GIFs and illustrations.


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