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Watch An Avocado Have A Psychedelic Experience In This Freaky Short

"Avocados" by Flavio Scutti is a mix between your best screensaver and a particularly intense daydream.

Beginning during the '60s counterculture, plenty of artists, musicians, poets, and other creatives attempted to induce or replicate the delirium of a psychedelic trip. Gaspar Noe's Enter the Void, for my money, comes closest to the sensation. Boards of Canada, across several albums and EPs, have achieved psychedelic effects, particularly on the track “Seven Forty Seven.” Of course, there are other successes. Add to Flavio Scutti's video “Avocados” to that list.


I'm not quite sure how I came across “Avocados.” I remember that I was looking for something else, and stumbled upon this gem of a video. The effect it produced was something like a trance: that type of zone-out that occurs during a particularly heady daydream; though one that Scutti manages to hold on to longer than your average reverie.

“Avocados” begins with a didgeridoo-esque drone, followed by a fade-in on the animation. The visuals are limited to a series of kaleidoscopic digital avocados rotating on a field of shifting background colors. Sonically, it sounds a bit like Coil's Time Machines project—four pieces of drone music meant to evoke psychedelics and induce “temporal slips” or time travel. “Avocados” has a similar time travel effect. That is, you feel that you're a bit outside of time, or at least losing track of it.

For more freaky, temporal madness, watch Scutti's “RAY-13-b2,” below. It's intense. And be sure to peruse his other projects over at his website.

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