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Lose and Find Yourself Inside This Glowing Light Labyrinth

Artist and architect Marco Zotes puts the "maze" in 'AMAZE' with a massive interactive installation that comes alive at night.
December 3, 2014, 9:20pm

AMAZE from UNSTABLE on Vimeo.

AMAZE is a glowing geometric maze that comes alive at night through colorful and disorienting light projections. The newest project from Spanish artist and architect, Marcos Zotes, the labyrinth made its debut in October at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche in Toronto.

The piece was designed as a playful catalyst for social interactions and self-discovery via getting lost in tight spaces and dead ends. Zotes used materials that were “quick to build, versatile, secure, and affordable,” including a semi-transparent “translucent skin of fabric” stretched across a scaffolding system to create AMAZE's framework. Additionally, the flow of participants through the maze was vital, with movements activating the installation's various lighting designs.


Explains the project description, “The idea of the maze is predicated in the notion of finding oneself through the notion of getting lost. Its complex branching passages force visitors to choose among options, some of which may be dead ends, while others double back on themselves. Visitors are challenged to actively experience the artwork by walking through its narrow pathways, becoming an integral part of the installation.”

To see more of Marco Zotes’s energetic work, check out his research and design lab's website, Unstable.


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