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Double Exposure Photos Fuse Classic And Contemporary Catalonian Architecture

RM Felix's in-camera double exposures celebrate the past and present of Catalan architecture.

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Any artist who desires to explore the nature of progress need look no further than the contrast between modern buildings and classic architectures to find his or her inspiration. In the past, we've seen projects like Paul Richardson's dynamic Paris timelapse explore this idea to the fullest.With his double exposure photo series, Agbar, Portuguese photographer RM Felix adds to the artistic conversation in colorful way, focusing his camera on the contrast between the glass Torre Agbar tower in Barcelona and the city's surrounding Catalan architecture.


To create Agbar, Felix captured prime examples of these classic buildings, then re-exposed the images with dazzling snapshots of the Jean Nouvel's sleek, modern tower using in-camera editing software. The process fuses the tower's signature shape and texture onto columns, statues, and facades from Spain's days of yore. The result backgrounds melts away against bright skies and shining lights, blending the building's colorful mark on the darker tones of older structures.

"This project," says Felix, "is a way to explore the particularities of the Agbar tower, its shapes and colors, as the backround of the arquitectural [sic] and social icons of Catalan culture." Rather than being critical of history's move away from classic architectural styles and techniques, Felix celebrates the onward march of time, and the influence the past can have on the future.

Below, find Felix's original image of Torre Agbar, followed by his series of fusions between the tower with its architectural ancestors:

Check out more of of Felix's thought-provoking photography on his Behance page and website.


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