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Jacques Greene Shares a Lithely Swirling New Single, "To Say"

The track is off his forthcoming debut album on LuckyMe, 'Feel Infinite.'
Photo of Jacques Greene courtesy of Mathieu Fortin

Recent JUNO Awards nominee Jacques Greene today shared the latest single off his forthcoming debut album, Feel Infinite. "To Say" finds the Canadian producer exploring a tender house-leaning sound, assembled from a swirling blend of soulful vocal samples and a delicately ascending melody.

In a previously-released statement about Feel Infinite, Greene said that he "really [tries] to make music that connects people and speaks to the things that bring us together," and the listener can really hear that his approach is grounded in vulnerability and empathy on "To Say." The same thing goes for his last single, "Real Time," but that one's geared a little bit more towards peak-time extroversion.


Feel Infinite will be released by LuckyMe on March 10, and is available for preorder.

Feel Infinite Tracklist:

1. Fall
2. Feel Infinite
3. To Say
4. True (feat. How To Dress Well)
5. I Won't Judge
6. Dundas Collapse
7. Real Time
8. Cycles
9. You Can't Deny
10. Afterglow
11. You See All My Light

Album artwork by Hassan Rahim

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