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Journey to the Underworld in ANGEL-HO's Newest Track

"Silence" could soundtrack a hero's journey into a hostile environment.
March 5, 2016, 7:35pm
Photo courtesy of ANGEL-HO

Cape Town producer and NON Records co-founder ANGEL-HO has been relatively quiet in 2016 following a very productive fall season working with Tri Angle producer Rabit and Björk collaborator Arca. But now ANGEL-HO is back with a dramatic new track.

"Silence" could soundtrack a hero's journey into the depths of the underworld. Throughout its seven-minute length, ANGEL-HO flourishes his track with the flares and slithers of a hostile environment, until at last a voice creeps out to say: "I'm calling out for the faceless, nameless." Heed the call and listen below.