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Bassnectar Shares Poignant Facebook Post About Recovering from Skin Cancer

The California bass-magnate also touched on life's transient nature, and the importance of wearing sunscreen.
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Yesterday, California-bred artist Lorin Ashton, better known by his fans as Bassnectar, took to his Facebook to share news that he had recently undergone a successful surgery to remove skin cancer from under his left eye. Throughout the lengthy note, Ashton thanked friends, family, and the doctors who helped him through the difficult process, as well as shared his imitable positive vibes through touching anecdotes about life's transient nature, the human race, and the importance of sunscreen. He also shared the below quote about living life to the fullest:


"The odds of you existing: 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000
The odds of you dying:
1 in 1
You dying is no miracle.

Ashton went on to describe a recent experience at last weekend's New York edition of Mysteryland where he met a burn survivor who provided inspiration to him in a time of obvious soul searching, and in closing, some tips about the importance of sunscreen: "So if you are "young & free" and just living life to the fullest that's great and all, but wear sunscreen," he said. "They say having "zinc" in the sunscreen is ideal, and while 30 SPF is ok, they recommend 45-50. This isn't just for when you lay out in the sun, its for basically every day."

Check out the full quote below.

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