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Dangerous Pokémon-Themed Ecstasy Pills Are Reportedly Being Sold Around Europe

These are the Pokémon that you don't want to catch.

According to a report from the Mirror's Sunday People column, Pokémon-themed ecstasy pills have been making rounds in Europe around Holland and Germany, as well as on the dark web. An apparent attempt by dealers to cash in on the current Pokémon Go craze, some of the pills are being pressed into a Pikachu shape, and reportedly contain a dangerous mixture of MDMA and 2-CB, a synthetic psychedelic substance that mimics some of the euphoric effects of MDMA while also providing the user with mild visual hallucinations akin to LSD.


The Mirror article includes a quote from an anonymous Manchester drug dealer who echoes the fact that the pills are highly dosed with 2CB, and that they've been selling them in large numbers around Holland and Germany.

While these new pills are said to contain a higher level of both MDMA and 2-CB than normal with users, this actually isn't the first time Pokémon-themed pills have hit the market: back in 2010 a variety of Yellow Pickachu were found circulating in the US, and later on in 2011 in blue and purple forms.

While there isn't currently a ton of information about these supposed pills, and the claim about their existence should probably be taken with a grain of salt, be sure to keep an eye on whatever Pickachu you come across in the coming days. Pokemon Go is fun but sketchy drugs are not!