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GIFs of Mysteryland's Best Moments Could Cure Your FOMO—Or Make It Worse

Skrillex, Rezz, Bassnectar, Hudson Mohawke... and some killer shuffling.

Mysteryland USA is sometimes called the Woodstock of electronic music festivals—for good reason. Last weekend's edition (June 10-13) once again took place in Bethel Woods, up in New York's Catskill Mountains, the same site as the legendary 1969 rock festival. But the similarities between Mysteryland and Woodstock go further than a bunch of grass that hippies once stepped on (or smoked).

Mysteryland is a festival where a sense of peacefulness runs deep, where you can quietly do yoga at sunset while Hudson Mohawke pounds it out at a stage a few hills away. The vibes are so good, we even traded kandi bracelets for a house at the festival in 2014.


This year, we sent photographer Loren Wohl to capture the highlights—and since Mysteryland deserves more than a photo gallery, here they are in GIFs.

All GIFs by Loren Wohl

1. Skrillex dropping "Bohemian Rhapsody" on the main stage Saturday night.

2. (We heard he hopped in an helicopter to DJ with Mija at Output right after!)

3. Young Thug's set was only 30 minutes, but stacked with the hits.

4. Rezz pairing brooding techno with sick new shades.

Meet the 20-Year-Old Producer From Niagara Falls Dubbed the "Female Gesaffelstein"

5. Rave kids proving that gloving is an art form—not a drug accessory.

I Met Gummy, the Gloving Champion of the Entire World

6. G Jones head-banging while playing his new collab with EPROM…

… And this girl in the front row living for it.

7. Bassnectar headlining Sunday night to fans who wore his logo all weekend.

8. Hudson Mohawke battling freezing wind and a sparse crowd to deliver one of the weekend's most interesting sets.

9. Shufflers showing off their moves.

9. World's Fair, one of the few rap acts to play the main stage, winning over the crowd.

10. The gorgeous Bethel Woods sunset.

11. Fireworks on the last night.