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Listen to DJ Shadow's Latest BBC 1 Essential Mix

It is his first Essential Mix in 13 years.
Photo via Flickr user digboston.

DJ Shadow's first BBC 1 Essential mix in 13 years is here. He first announced the mix in April with a brief tweet.

It's been 13 years since my last — DJ Shadow (@djshadow)April 12, 2016

DJ Shadow shared his thoughts about the new mix–which features Salva and the Ohio Players, among many, many others–on Friday. According to the producer and DJ, the first half of the mix was recorded in April and is dedicated to the "genius" he hears on a regular basis and the music dear to his heart. "I hope this 2-hour mix is fully representative of my DJ aesthetic: demonstrating a love for our musical past and present in equal measure," he wrote.

Listen to DJ Shadow's latest BBC 1 Essential mix here. Stream DJ Shadow's first BBC 1 Essential mix from 2003 below. In 2014, we looked at visualizers for DJ Shadow's latest EP.

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