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Flosstradamus on Dressing 1080p and Phat Pants

Bondage, Cheeto socks, and everything you need to know about fashion in 2014.

Good Looks is an original THUMP series that covers DJs' personal style: the best, the brightest, the most outlandish. We look in their closets, their suitcases, and their sock drawers to find out what inspires their look.

If you've been to any US festivals over the last few years, you've seen trap-rave stars Flosstradamus. They're pretty hard to miss, to be honest. Whether decked out in neon-and-black Fox Racing gear, sporting hot socks and Nike slides, dipped out in silky all-over print short sets, or wearing their own HDYBYZ apparel, Josh and Kurt's fashion sense screams "TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?" We caught up with these two rad dudes to find out what they used to dress like, what they're rocking now, and what you should be wearing if you want to look right in 2014.


And we're right on time too. The dudes just dropped their massive HDYBYZ and HDYGRLZ line of apparel, which is basically like black and white and weed 4ever mane. Check it out here and make sure you get your desktop #plurnt with that little nugg desktop icon.

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