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Celebrate 50 THUMP Canada Mixes With This Selection of Our Favourites

Honey Dijon, Deko-ze, The Librarian, and others made our list.

For over a year now, THUMP Canada's NORTHMIX series has been making approximately 45 minutes of your week significantly better than the remaining 10,035. With our 50th mix released earlier this week (brought to you by Woodhead), we look back at some of the most forward-thinking, eclectic, and straight-up impressive selections of songs to grace our ears. From Canada and beyond, these are the MVPs of THUMP Canada's NORTHMIX series (in alphabetical order, of course).


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10. Birthday Boy

9. Deko-ze

8. Frameworks

7. Ekali

6. Honey Dijon

5. Imanos

4. The Librarian

3. Loud Luxury


1. Pick A Piper