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Purge Your Emotions with Debby Friday's Fire "LA FÈT" Mix

"I wanted to portray the sense of pressure building and ceremony that comes with change."
Photo by Fanny Christiane Salomé

Known for their cross-cultural secret parties—which have seen performances from the likes of Shabazz Palaces, LSDXOXO, DJ Windows 98 (Arcade Fire's Win Butler), and more—Montreal-based artist collective Moonshine started a mix series last year to spotlight the city's talent. Today, we're presenting the latest installment by rising Montreal DJ and producer Debby Friday.

Influenced by her cultural background and life experiences, the Yoruba artist draws a lot of inspiration for her work from the intuitive connection she feels with her ancestral history. Describing "LA FÈT" (a reference to Haitian voodoo festival Fet Ghede) as a "conceptual mix," she tells THUMP that its bass-heavy, uncompromising fusion of Angolan kuduro, British power electronics, Chilean underground dance music, among others, is an experiment in sound, storytelling, and introspection.


"I was in this period of purging all these intense emotions in an almost ritualistic kind of way. There was a lot of conflict happening in my life at the time and I was seeing this same rise in tensions on a global, political scale," Friday says via email. "I wanted to portray the sense of pressure building and ceremony that comes with change. The way fire cleanses."

Listen to the mix and check out the tracklist below.


DJ Bebedera - Fodencia Taradinha 2 Apito Dourado
Nazar - 10,000 Africans
Merca Bae - Intocable
Imaabs - Mordaza
Lvnar - Hayabusa
C Plus Plus - Quick Fix
Wen - Patwah
Scalameriya - Ouroboros (TSVI Edit)
Akito - Catching Feels
Osheyack - Fraud
JS Marsh - Takyon (JS Nightmare Edit)
Supraman - Femme Hyper
Tomás Urquieta- Error
B.YHZZ & MC Brisola - Louco x Hol (Santa Muerte Edit)
Cut Hands - The Claw

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