The Best Things We Saw on the Dance Music Internet This Week

Wolfgang Tillmans, Marshmello, rRoxymore​, Terror Jr and more make our list of the best things this week.
November 26, 2016, 4:12pm

1. Marshmello, EDM's savior

Marshmello isn't quite famous, but he's not not famous, either. Your cool cousin at Wesleyan might not know who he is, but your fun cousin at Syracuse probably does.

THUMP's Ezra Marcus looks at the speedy rise of Marshmello through the lens of one of his live shows.

2. Avalon Emerson

Resident Advisor meets the enigmatic DJ and producer who broke through in 2016.

3. Identifying tracks without Shazam

Bored of holding your phone up to a speaker? Use these alternative resources to track that unbelievable new track you heard during a mix and be the envy of your friends.

4. Bigger Than Fabric

This new documentary featuring Irvine Welsh, Kate Simko and DEBONAIR looks at the future of nightlife in London.

5. Five iPhone DJ apps

FACT looks at five new-ish iPhone DJing apps that are simple enough for even the most rudimentary of selectors to master.

6. Pure Joy mix

Producer and DJ Pure Joy crafted this eclectic mix for The Astral Pane featuring sounds from Pangaea, Pearson Sound, Andrea and more.

7. Meet rRoxymore

Instead of bringing in new elements or challenging how house and techno should be made in 2016, I feel a lot of producers are looking back at how it used to be made.

The producer talks about the state of dance music in this smart interview with Mixmag.

8. "heartbreaks" by Terror Jr

This new, two-minute track is now accompanied with a poignant video featuring an adorable young girl performing her own dance-off in a parking lot.

9. Wolfgang Tillmans

The artist and musician talks to THUMP about

politics and the importance of creative expression in the face of fear.

10. J.G. Biberkopf's new album


a new interview with J.G. Biberkopf about his trippy new album for


magazine and stream the entire thing now.