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Calling All Techno Fiends: Unter and The Bunker Are Throwing a 36-Hour Party in Brooklyn

Start napping now people.

An ocean away from the hallowed halls of Berghain, the nocturnal freaks here in New York City will now have a chance to experience the type of endless ravedom promised by the Berlin clubbing institution, at a 36-hour party thrown by local techno providers Unter, and The Bunker. It's all starting up at 10PM, Friday March 18, and running non-stop until 10AM on Sunday March 20, at the recently reincarnated Brooklyn DIY venue, The Market Hotel.


Being a 36-hour party, the lineup is expectedly stacked, but, not as long as one might think seeing that one of the DJs playing, Patrick Russell, will be performing a 10-hour closing set to inaugurate his new residency at The Bunker. Additionally, 50Weapons label live act, Benjamin Damage, will be performing alongside such local heroes as Mike Servito, Bunker founder, Bryan Kasenic, Discwoman's Volvox, as well as Konstanin of the Giegling imprint.

What will happen when a bunch of people dance from dusk till dawn, two times, in the same room, we don't know. One thing that is for sure is that we'll see you there.