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Aphex Twin is Set to Play Rare Set at Field Day in 2017

Field Day's website and Twitter seem to confirm the news.
November 27, 2016, 4:16pm

No official statement has been released, but Field Day organizers appear to have confirmed an Aphex Twin appearance at the festival in 2017.

Under news, the Field Day website simply has a flashing black and white version of Aphex Twin's logo. Clicking on the logo leads to a sign-up page for the Eat Your Own Ears and Field Day festival newsletter.

A tweet from the official Field Day Twitter account also appears to confirm the news.

— Field Day (@fielddaylondon)November 27, 2016

The website announcement comes after flyers began appearing around London yesterday with the Aphex Twin logo along with the date of June 3, 2017 and @fielddaylondon. According to reports from FACT, some fliers were given out at the Independent Label Market in Spitalfields. Warp Records was in attendance at the market.

Aphex Twin performances are few and far between, which would mark the festival appearance as a rare appearance. Earlier this month, we discussed how Aphex Twin's Richard D. James Album is still inventively immature after 20 years.