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Hudson Mohawke Shares the Regal Lead Single off His 'Watch Dogs 2 OST'

"Shanghaied" is streamable on its own, and in a trailer for the game and its soundtrack.
Photo courtesy of the label

Glasgow producer, Hudson Mohawke, shared the first taste off his forthcoming soundtrack for Watch Dogs 2 today, an open-world game by multinational game developer Ubisoft. "Shanghaied" finds the producer paring back his usual pedal-to-the-metal flare for something more restrained and regal, combining drumline snares with a piano lead and orchestral arrangements.

On top of being released as a single today, the song also features in a new trailer for Ded Sec - Watch Dogs 2 (OST)—the release's official title—which offers a glimpse of what the game is like. Set in San Francisco, it finds the user playing as a hacker named Marcus Holloway and partnering with a hacking collective called Ded Sec to dismantle an insidious operating system, ctOS 2.0, controlling city infrastructure.

Warp Records will release the soundtrack on November 11, and the game itself will come out on November 15.

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