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SUB.Culture NYC: Body Actualized/Mutual Dreaming (Episode 1)

Exploring Brooklyn's DIY electronic music scene.

The Body Actualized Center in Brooklyn lives a double life--a meditative oasis among the concrete by day and a hotbed for experimental music and dance by night. Its founders see a parallel between the calm, ambient music that accompanies their yoga sessions and the rhythm-intensive eletronic music that fuels their activities after dark. In the first episode of our series Sub.Culture, which explores niche factions of electronic music culture, we see the Body Actualized Center in both its phases. There we meet artist and musician Aurora Halal, who created her own amalgamation of the DJ performance by augmenting it with an abstract visual component. Staying true to the DIY sensibility, Aurora and her crew personally transform spaces using fabric and lights to create an atmosphere of expression and personal peace.