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Astrolith, Spank Rock, and Ian Isiah Serve Up a Techno-Rap Sermon on "Nobody Know"

Astrolith describes the track as "very dear to my heart."
Photo of Astrolith by Jerome Sessini.

If you didn't know, now you know: Brooklyn-based producer Astrolith is an artist on the rise. A recent alumnus of the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy, he's appeared on labels including Mute, Boys Noize Records, and Bad Blood Records.

Astrolith's next EP, Car Jam, is out tomorrow via his own Space is the Place imprint, and one of its tracks, "Nobody Know," comes with some serious co-signs: club-rap heavyweight (and Bad Blood boss) Spank Rock and R&B artist Ian Isiah, who fashion heads may know as cult label Hood By Air's brand ambassador. Together, the trio whip up a hard-knocking hybrid of techno and hip-hop that bangs in the club and gets straight-up spiritual once Isiah chimes in.

"Out of the entire Car Jam EP, 'Nobody Know' is a track very dear to my heart," Astrolith tells THUMP over email. "It represents my endless appetite to fuse techno machinery and hip-hop bounce, and who better to help me realize that vision than Spank Rock? He was really the only MC I thought would be up to the job, and boy did he deliver. As soon as we started recording, the hook hit him like a bolt of lightning, and BOOM! 'Nobody Know' was born. Later, we tapped Hood By Air's brand ambassador, Ian Isiah, to jump in because we really wanted everyone on the dance floor to see god. Wherever she is. I'd say we got there."

Listen to "Nobody Know" below.Astrolith's Car Jam EP is out tomorrow, November 18, via Space is the Place Records.