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Carrying 5 or Fewer Ecstasy Pills Is "Tolerated" by Authorities in ADE Host City, Amsterdam

​Amsterdam's drug policies are astonishingly reasonable

Amsterdam, as usual, is ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to sensible drug policies. That common sense will be showcased this week when Amsterdam Dance Event, which draws well over 300,000 music fans craving everything from minimal techno to outrageous EDM, takes over the city for five nights of awesome Amsterdam clubbing and, let's just say it, fantastic Dutch pillZ.

Some have feared that last year's fatalities during ADE, along with recent reports of super-strong ecstasy pills (branded ADE, no less), might have forced authorities to take a tougher stance against drugs at this year's event. In fact, the opposite seems to have occurred, with the city maintaining it's recent policy of not punishing users caught with five or fewer pills, despite protests from the country's conservative politicians.

Amsterdam authorities hope that this lenient stance will encourage partiers to behave responsibly, and seek help should troubles arise. Drug-testing and information center Jellinek will keep longer hours throughout ADE and establish pop-up stations throughout the city.

*Please note that the headline has been altered to more accurately reflect Dutch authorities' stance, which you can read more about here.