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The Enigmatic Aden from Ultramajic Gives His First Proper Interview-Listen to "Grau" Here

Aden's 'Tanz' EP is a dance suite with four distinct movements that evokes the flow of a club night from beginning to end.
January 30, 2015, 11:31pm

It's fitting that the semi-anonymous producer Aden chose Jimmy Edgars Ultramajic imprint as his home. Both outfits thrive in cyber-shrouded mystery, colliding futuristic elements with club-crushing tremor. Plus, Aden has his own quasi-mystical understanding of the label's ethos. "Ultramajic is more than just a sound or label; Ultramajic embodies four pillars—Fun, Mystic, Magic and Fashion," the producer responsible for monumental tracks like "Whip" tells us. "I feel the music of Aden represents these pillars quite strongly. Each track is fun and meant to dance to, mysterious in the facelessness of the project, magic by using numerology in the titles and artwork, and fashionable as it is influenced by current and retro trends in production." 

Earlier this week, Aden unleashed his third EP for UltramajicTanz. Conceived as a classical-style dance suite with four distinct movements, the release evokes the flow of a club night from beginning to end—going from opening, to warming up, peak hour, and closing. "Aden's sound in general is influenced by the music heard during late nights and early morning at the infamous Panorama Bar in Berlin," he explains. "There's no specific artists that influence the sound, it's more of the feeling I take away after a long night out at one of the best clubs in the world."

Fittingly, all of Aden's work focuses on the power of the number four. "All the track titles have four letters or can be divided by four," he reveals. Each track also corresponds with a certain vibe. "'Lieb' is sweet and pleasant, 'Grau' has a murky and grey feeling, 'Hass' is very angry, and 'Hell' is the light at the end. It's an arc. I imagine choreographed dances for each track that invoke these moods." (A quick German lesson: "Lieb," "Grau," "Hass," and "Hell" translate to "Sweet," "Grey," "Hatred," and "Bright.")

As for the real identity of Aden—we'll just say that his more popular alias rhymes with "black bean crumbs." (You do know how to use the Google, don't you?). Listen to our premiere of "Grau" in its entirely above, and stream clips from the rest of the EP below.