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PC Music Affiliate SOPHIE is Selling Double-Pronged Dildos Online

In addition to four new singles and an unnamed “exclusive audio track” coming out on November 27.

SOPHIE, the producer behind such corporate dance hits as "Lemonade," "Hard," "Elle," "Bipp," and, in collaboration with Diplo, Madonna, and Nicki Minaj, the truly epic and game-changing "Bitch I'm Madonna," has just updated his/her/their/ze's webshop to include a bundle of exciting new merchandise.

For sale are not only a jewel case CD, vinyl pack, and 24-bit WAV digital download options, but also two silicon bubble case CD options—one in black, and one in pink—and a not-so-mysterious "silicon product." That product is a dildo with a double-pronged functionality, designed in the by-now-familiar glossy and streamlined SOPHIE aesthetic. The silicon bubble case options and the dildo are viewable above—clearly, musical pleasure is not the only stimulation the producer is pushing.

All of these products will function essentially as singles collections, including the previously mentioned four solo productions as well as four forthcoming ones, titled "MSMSMSM," "VYZEE," "L.O.V.E.," and "JUST LIKE WE NEVER SAID GOODBYE." An instant download of the previously released singles is available upon purchase, and a download of the forthcoming ones—as well as an unnamed "exclusive audio track"—will be available on their release date, November 27. You can peruse your options and make a purchase here.

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