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Amnesia Scanner, Bill Kouligas, and Harm van den Dorpel Share New Browser-Based Project

'LEXACHAST' also features algorithms by Berlin artist Harm van den Dorpel.

This morning we found an exciting, fanfare-less email in our inbox from PAN label boss Bill Kouligas, sharing a new internet-based piece by himself and Amnesia Scanner called LEXACHAST, featuring visuals and algorithms by Berlin-based artist Harm van den Dorpel. Kouligas told us via Twitter that this is not a PAN project.

The email contained a scrambled poetic text with minimal background information strewn throughout, linking to a webpage hosting the 15-minute, gothically dark composition presented with a slow procession of disparate, seemingly unrelated imagery seemingly generated in real time. The text goes as follows:


"Tiles say decay spoil, walls now meant house. My interest thoughts screened and outweighed, removing Amnesia Scanner and Bill Kouligas. Evening society besides my musical inhabit. Elinor talked now for excuse or result. Increasingly sufficient, everything in admiration and unpleasing sex. Around him, uneasy, his use no longer man, a pulled nature. He over the hill, will lose.

Chapter too parties its letters cheerful, whatever disposed. My greatest mistake raptures, and now outweigh Lexachast. Discourse otherwise disposing it of strangers forfeited. The last answer opposes months with no esteem. Branched directly on an ecstatic. Put off, continue you denoting, returned juvenile. Replied demands charmed the viewing colonel to do so. Algorithms by Harm. Decisive inquietude, he advances insensible, continuing on unaffected at 15:38 2015."

Check out LEXACHAST yourself here.

Separately, last month PAN shared the excellent Deceptionista by Gatekeeper-member Aaron David Ross, which featured a software-based component also engineered by van den Dorpel, which you can revisit here.

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