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Nothing Can Prepare You For OutsideIn 2014, Except Perhaps This

THUMP helps you get ready for OutsideIn 2014.

The weeks are flying, and OutsideIn 2014 is fast approaching. Last time we heard from the organisers they'd managed to secure The Pharcyde, Pantha Du Prince, Seekae, Sui Zhen amongst others. We even heard some secrets from Astral People and Yes Please about how you craft a forward-thinking festival like this. This time they're hear to tell us that legendary Chicago producer and DJ Roy Davis Jr will be performing at OutsideIn, alongside US R&B innovator Brenmar and local heros Collarbones, Noise In My Head and Late Nite Tuff Guy. To help get ready they've kindly sent an exclusive player with sets and interviews from the artists involved. Click below for a live set from DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad recorded for Sónar Sessions 2012, get up close and intimate with Pantha Du Prince during a specially recorded fireside chat, hear Brenmar Live at HARD Day Of The Dead 2013, and keep listening for Sui Zhen live at Sónar Sessions 2010.