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Stream the Brilliant Bizarrity of Pixelord’s 'Polygon Fane'

Pixelord’s new EP is weirder than the Internet
July 25, 2014, 5:59pm

The Russian master of monikers and alternate side projects, Pixelord, has delivered yet another ambitious endeavor, the Polygon Fane EP. With serious support from burgeoning heavyweight Druid Cloak and label staple Seafloor, Montreal's Thomas White and Terrorhythm's Curl Up. Pixelord's newest project, slated for digital release on July 28th and vinyl in late August, is a real testament to the unbridled weirdness of the Internet and a celebration of the different characters hidden in its depths.


Moscow-based Alex Devyanin's penchant for aliases has led him to release some truly diverse offerings, moving from ambient avant-garde noise under Gulkstra to a more festival-friendly production style under Pixelord. Yet there's always a certain playfulness to his productions, a playfulness that is especially present on this new EP, as it moves from cheeky cuts reminiscent of fellow Neon labelmates Lockah, Wave Racer, 813 and Gillespie. While the moodier, more self-aware and slightly nostalgic tracks that echo hints of Ital Tek, Lone and Om Unit. Throughout, you're reminded—often cheekily—of the artists' strong affection for 8-bit blips and the sounds of nearly forgotten game consoles.

But ultimately with the Polgyon Fane EP, the Hyperboloid boss delivers an EP of real versatility, with the six original tracks moving between ominous breakbeats to old school '80s Casio funk and back to deep, wonky club beats without missing a step. With track names like "Tumblr Girl" and "DSL Dream Corp" you'd be forgiven for expecting a release that would work as the soundtrack to a Philip K. Dick adaptation, and really you wouldn't be too far off. The result of Pixelord's most recent series of studio sessions is an EP that really explores the music landscape of the internet, bringing together seemingly disparate sounds to create a cohesive exploration of the weird but brilliant minds that make up the scene.

Digital Release:
1. Oasis
2. DSL Dream Corp
3. Videobar
4. Tumblr Girl
5. Polygon Fane
6. Answer
7. Answer (Seafloor Remix)
8. DSL Dream Corp (Curl Up Remix)

A1 - Oasis
A2 - DSL Dream Corp
A3 - Videobar
A4 - Polygon Fane (Druid Cloak Remix)
B1- Tumblr Girl
B2 - Polygon Fane
B3 - Answer
B4 - Answer (Seafloor Remix)

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