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Shania Twain's Twitter Is a Magical Refuge in a Terrible World

Life is short, but Shania Twain is everlasting.

Image via Twitter Shania Twain is a national treasure. She is also probably an international treasure. Twain is so culturally prolific, she is likely vital to the very fabric that holds the universe together. With Come on Over, The Woman In Me, and Up! and iconic singles like "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under" and "That Don't Impress Me Much" , she revitalized and reshaped both country and pop music because that's what geniuses do. Twain is currently hard at work on her first record in an astounding 15 years. Because of generational gaps, or complacency in being uncultured swine or what have you, some of the youth of today have no fucking clue how important she is to all of us. So what better to speak to the youth (and non-youth) than with social media. To be fair, social media is both a beautiful place to communicate and build communities, brands, and share important work or nonsense, but it's also a fiery trash pit full of trolls, fascists, and your enemies ready to drag you on any tweet. Shania Twain's Twitter TL isn't like that, no. Every tweet is a refreshing sip. Much like Shania is as a human, her Twitter is a magical place of refuge all on its own. As a result, I've explored her TL and pulled out some of precious tweets because life is short, but Twain is everlasting.


Here She Is Making Corny Jokes but We Love Her Anyway

You have to admire a person who, before eating a slice of pizza the size of their face, makes a joke about it.

This is the kind of mom joke we'll give a pass to.

Here She Is Showing Us All the Hearts of Men She Has Decimated

Drake meeting Shania is single-handedly the most important Canadian Heritage moment to ever exist. Half of More Life is likely about Shania.

It's like Shania just remembered here that Penn Badgley's Gossip Girl character's nickname was Lonely Boy because he sure is gonna stay that way around her.

His eyes say "I love you" while her hands say "we're only ever going to be friends."

Bonus Nick Jonas tweet:

The pictorial equivalent of a "you up?" text.

Here She Is Supporting Toronto Sports Teams Better Than Most Torontonians

Where were you when the Raptors were battling the LeBron's Cleveland Cavaliers? Because Shania was out here on the fucking floor rallying for all of us!!!

Okay, so even though the Blue Jays lost abysmally to the Kansas City Royals this game during the ALCS playoffs, Shania's face is actually beaming with a ride or die optimism.

In this list alone, Shania's already made more appearances at a Raptors game than Drake has this entire season.

Here She Is With the Ultimate #TBT Posts

Excuse me, this is art. It belongs in a museum.

Do you remember Madonna's Ray of Light phase? Shania sure does!

A subtle flex that she is quite literally a star.


Here She Is Making Her TL a Pro-Women Haven

On International Women's Day this year, she gave us the gift of remembering how much "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" rules.

Subtly, Shania reminds us all, days after the inauguration of Donald Trump into office, that consent is incredibly important and she wrote a song about it once.

Here She Is Being A Queen

Ageism is objectively stupid. It's especially stupid when applied to women. Anyway, Twain, who is over 50, looks better than most of us and is really proud so she absolutely shows that off.

An additional example of fucking killing it past the age of 30.

Come. On.

Sarah should get off Twitter. Follow her anyway.