This story is over 5 years old.

Japan's ENA Might Be a Computer Posing as a Man

We've got the exclusive on "Nerve Fiber," and it'll do things to your brain. Quietly.

Despite Tokyo based producer ENA's affiliation with Renegade Hardware and German drum & bass label Samurai, he's recently progressed from breaks towards a depth of soundscapey minimalism previously uncharted. His most recent release, Binaural, is filled with so much bleepy-bloopy goodness that we're suspicious that ENA may have made the transition to some form of cyborg.

We've got the exclusive on "Nerve Fiber," one of the more upfront tracks on the record. If you're really listening for it, the drum & bass elements are latently evident, but it sounds as if it were garbled through a dial-up modem used in a late 90s NASA mission and then shot back to Earth. Once you listen to it a few times and actually nestle into the atmosphere, you begin to realize that it's not music that ENA'a making. It's space.

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