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Trump Once Kicked One Direction out of His Hotel When They Refused to Meet His Daughter, Liam Payne Says

Was it Tiffany? Probably.

Though he filled much of the his pre-presidency by saying that demonstrably innocent people of color should be given the death penalty, refusing to rent his properties to black people, launching a series of failed pseudo-scams, and allegedly sexually assaulting a number of women, Donald J Trump still remarkably found the time to be a petulant creep.

According to a new interview with One Direction's Liam Payne in Rollacoaster, Trump once kicked the British boyband out of one of his New York hotels after the band refused to meet one of his daughters.

"Trump actually kicked us out of his hotel once," Payne recalls. "You wouldn't believe it. It was about (meeting) his daughter. He phoned up our manager and we were asleep. He said 'well, wake them up' and I was like 'no' and then he wouldn't let us use the underground garage. Obviously in New York we can't really go outside. New York is ruthless for us. So he was like, 'OK, then I don't want you in my hotel.' So we had to leave."

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