Grimes' Best Album is Getting a Live Classical Revamp

This might be the coolest thing to ever happen to music.
Lauren O'Neill
London, United Kingdom
March 9, 2017, 12:49pm

It's a widely accepted truth that Grimes' 2012 album Visions is kind of a masterpiece. Further confirmation of the universality of that fact has recently emerged from the world of classical music, as the Montreal, Canada-based group Plumes has recently given it a pretty enormous co-sign.

The group will be hosting a concert series called "Many Visions: Plumes Deconstructs the Music of Grimes" which will tour Canada later this month. Thankfully for those of us across the pond, there are plans to stream the events, in which we'll hear reworked, classical versions of all the tracks on Visions by 13 different composers. In other words, you'll be able to get your religious experience over the internet.

Speaking to MusicWorks about the decision to remix Grimes in particular, Luke Nickel, who co-directs Winnepeg's Cluster New Music and Integrated Arts Festival, and who has been involved in organising "Many Visions", said:

"We wanted to see how we could bridge the gap between popular and classical music—we have a suspicion it's smaller than people think. We want to think about interpretation and rearrangement, not only in terms of musical material but also in terms of the spirit of an artist. That led us to Grimes, whose DIY attitude seems to resonate across genres."

In sum: this is the coolest thing that has ever happened in music and without even listening to it I am absolutely certain that I am going to want a classical version of "Vowels = Space and Time" played at all my significant life events in future. If you're lucky enough to be in Canada, land of the good-butt Prime Minister, here are the tour dates:

03/10 Montreal, Quebec: Rocket Science Room
03/11 Toronto, Ontario: The Music Gallery
03/12 Hamilton, Ontario: The Casbah
03/13 Windsor, Ontario: University of Windsor
03/15 Guelph, Ontario: University of Guelph
03/16 Kitchener, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University
03/17 Winnipeg, Manitoba: Cluster Festival
03/18 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Village Guitar & Amp Co
03/21 Vancouver, British Columbia: Music on Main

(Image via Grimes on Instagram)

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