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Tom DeLonge Is Making a Sci-Fi Movie About Skateboarding Teens

Guess who's scoring it? Hint: the band that's not Blink-182.

Former Blink-182 guitarist and singer Tom DeLonge has spent the last few years in the outer limits of UFO conspiracy theories and his journey shows no signs of becoming earthbound anytime soon. According to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, DeLonge is making the leap to sci-fi auteur with a self-directed film entitled Strange Times. Apparently, for someone so obsessed with uncovering the truth, essential research in recent, related properties was not made.


In any case, the movie will be based on DeLonge's pre-existing(!) YA franchise of the same name, which already encompasses novels and comics and concerns a group of punk-as-fuck skateboard teens investigating the paranormal. None other than Angels & Airwaves will be providing the original score, which means that DeLonge is evidently aiming to be the John Carpenter of pop-punk. Here's DeLonge's previous directing endeavour, the video for Taking Back Sunday's "This Photograph Is Proof," to provide you guys a preview of the filmmaking we can expect from Strange Times.

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