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Watch Senior Citizens Dance in the Face of Mortality in Wintersleep's "Spirit" Video

We're all just trying to make it through life as best we can.

One of the weirdest things about being human is that, at some point, you know you're not going to exist. We all have a finite time on this Earth, which can lead to some very questionable choices, or anxieties, and general questions on who we are and what we're supposed to do in that length of time. But time, like most things, is a construct that we have to work our way through. Halifax's Wintersleep tackles the idea of mortality in their new video for "Spirit." The track is from the East Coast band's sixth record, The Great Detachment, released last year on Dine Alone Records. The video opens with a man standing in a foggy small town, an anxious look on his face, and he turns around to find some more, generally older people, staring back at him. If there is something scarier than old people in a deserted small town staring at you and causing you to flee, like the video's protagonist does, then please let me know. I'll wait.


The video isn't all bad—it does end on a less existentially terrifying note. The video's director Michael Leblanc explained to Noisey that he "wanted to show a portrait of someone dealing with isolation. The main character's world reflects a mirror of his internal life. It's about escapism and finding freedom during a breakdown." Wintersleep's vocalist Paul Murphy echoes that optimism of the track: "When I write lyrics, I don't typically have a plan in mind, but looking at it now I think the song lyrically delves into the idea of coming to terms with mortality and finitude. Trying to make it through in a world bent on its own disaster. Trying to be a good person in whatever world that surrounds us. It's a worry, the chorus 'are you gonna be alright?' but I'm an optimistic person so I kind of see it in a positive light.. as a challenge."

Watch the video below:

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