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Is 3D Projection Mapping The New Fireworks Display?

Because fireworks are SO 12th Century.
September 21, 2010, 2:14pm

In the past year, it seems we’ve been seeing 3D Projection Mapping happening everywhere—from Amsterdam, to London, to Beijing. Now, the hi-tech animation displays are being used to commemorate national holidays, like the Ukrainian Independence Day celebration this past August (see video above). It’s no surprise Ukraine’s government officials decided to use the projection mapping technique to bring the Kharkov Regional Administration building to life—the projection technique is large, impressive, innovative. It’s certainly a departure (and perhaps an improvement?) on the fireworks displays that have become the status quo at celebrations like these. And projection mapping can even include virtual fireworks displays for the traditionalists in the crowd (see the end of the above video for an example).

Could it be that projection mapping is the new fireworks spectacular for our digital generation? Maybe. We’re hoping that this encroachment on the fireworks market will force the fireworks manufacturers to get a bit more creative. It seems like the fireworks technology hasn’t evolved in some time. How about some animations and interactivity, guys? Let’s get on that.